You're Invited...

To participate in the 2023 Vancouver PattyPass

Your restauarant Gets

  • Exposure to new customers
  • Opportunity for secondary revenue and tip generation (pass holders are encouraged to tip, purchase sides/drinks and to bring friends)
  • Marketing and promotions via our social media channels and website
  • Customer driven marketing
  • Chance to win variety of burger awards

Your customer gets

  • 1 burg at half price at each partner location (cheeseburger or veggie option)
  • Positive association and engagement with your brand and burg
  • Fun / engaging rating experience
  • To discover new burgs around the city
  • To become part of an exclusive club focused on community and quality
  • Chances to win prize packs

What are we asking from you?

  • Provide up to 1000 burgs at 50% off to pass holders over a period of 4 months
  • Display our sticker to indicate participation and help us promote the pass
  • Stamp, sign or cross off your page in the passport when used
  • Uplift and celebrate other businesses who participate in the program

the pattypass customer Experience


Customers order a PattyPass from our website for $15.



They bring their PattyPass to each of the participating locations between May  1- August 31, 2023. 


They show their PattyPass™ when ordering (dine in or take-out), get their page marked, and get 50% off their burger


They are encouraged to support the businesses by buying sides and drinks, and tipping generously.


They share photos on Instagram by tagging @the.real.beef.buddies and your restaurant.


They rate their burger in their booklet and head to our website to log their scores. Each online ranking enters them in a draw to win great prizes!

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